Ferry from Bari to Greece

Ferry to Greece - Young woman on holidays, Santorini, Oia town, Greece.

By taking the ferry from Bari to Greece, you are departing from one of the top-visited Italian ports and arrive in the ports of Patra or Igoumenitsa in Greece!

Well-developed ferry crossings connect Bari with western Greece and with the west part of the Balkan Peninsula. The port of Bari is located on the south east coast of Italy, facing the Adriatic Sea. It is a busy port providing both commercial and tourist services. It is a bustling port with three docks which host many big conventional but also cruise ships each year.

Boarding the ferry to Greece, travelers are entering a country with incredible and rich history and culture, also being the birthplace of numerous philosophers and artists. It is impossible to discover all Greece’s beauties at once and this is the reason many travelers return again and again. In the following lines you get all the details about the ferry route from Bari to Greece.

Bari to Greece ferry distance

The ferry distance between the port of Bari in Italy and the port of Patras in western Greece is 295 nautical miles (546 km). The ferry distance between the port of Bari and the port of Igoumenitsa is approximately 240 nautical miles (444 km).

Disembarking at Patra port

One daily ferry connects the two port cities all year around with the crossing lasting about 18 hours. In order to make your journey more relaxing, it would be better to book a cabin since the seats, especially those in the economy deck, are not the most comfortable for long sailings.

Disembarking at Igoumenitsa port

A very fast way to get to Greece from Italy with an average ferry time of 10 hours. There are more than one ferries running daily all year long.

Disembarking at Corfu port

One daily ferry is running that takes about 11 hours. Please, note that this is mostly a high season route.

Bari to Greece ferry frequency

The crossing from Bari to Greece has a frequency of 14 weekly sailings with travel times ranging between 8.5 hours and 14 hours. There are both afternoon and night departure times for the particular crossings, operated only by large conventional vessels.

Useful tips for your journey from Bari to Greece

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