Cyclades Fast Ferries

Book online your Cyclades Fast Ferries from the Greek mainland to the Greek islands and save up to 20%!

Cyclades Fast Ferries have continuously developed since 1989 and upgraded their Fleet with new technologies. Cyclades Fast Ferries are characterized by the impressive development of their knowledge about public transport regarding passengers and vehicles, as well as cargo and always offer safe, fast, comfortable and reliable voyages. Cyclades Fast Lines comply and meets the latest specifications in terms of security and environmental protection. For the Rafina-Andros-Tinos-Mykonos routes Cyclades Fast Ferries operate the modern ferry boat Theologos P., as well as the similarly equipped ferry Ekaterini P. providing at least two daily crossings all year round. The Cyclades Fast Ferries vessels offer their passengers very high standard regarding both Accommodation and passage.

Fast Ferries Ferry Ports

Fast Ferries connect the ferry ports that are on the Greek mainland and islands fast, reliable and courteously. All the timetables of the Fast Ferries can be seen here in detail.

Book in Advance your Fast Ferries Tickets

Here are some of the most important reasons why you should Book in Advance your Fast Ferries ferry ticket:

  • Fast Ferries is a very popular ferry operator, whose capacity tends to be booked out very fast!
  • Secure the price of your tickets with Fast Ferries and be sure that currency fluctuations don’t affect you!
  • Plan and book your Fast Ferries passage now and not later, thereby ensuring more holiday time!
  • Balance your holiday budget by including the price of your Fast Ferries ticket in this month’s credit card statement.
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