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Located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Italy is a majestic tourist destination for all kinds of vacation. Many travelers visit each year the beauties of Italy that can be quiet different and in vast variety due to the geographical location of the Country. The East coastal line of the Italy peninsula goes along the Adriatic Sea, facing the coastal lines of Croatia, Montenegro, Albania and Greece. Its West coast goes along the Tyrrhenian Sea, sharing the wonderful blue waters with France, Spain, Morocco and Tunisia. Apparently, many islands are located in between the sea boarders of the Italian Republic. Though the Italian islands are plenty, only a few are inhabited. Most famous, off course, are Sicily and Sardinia. The Italian island ferries bring passengers to the aforementioned islands all year round.

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How to get to the Italian Islands

Depending on which Island one wants to reach, there are many different options to get to the Italian Islands. On the mainland available ferry ports from where crossings to the Italian islands take place are Civitavecchia, Genoa, Naples, Livorno, Salerno, to mention a few. Some of the most popular ferry ports that can be reached on the island of Sicily are Palermo and Termini Imerese. The island of Sardinia has on the other hand the ferry ports Porto Torres and Olbia.

Daily connections all year round to and from the aforementioned Italian island destinations take place, making it always an easy, safe and, due to the ultra-modern Italian maritime, an in cruise-style journey to the desired holiday destinations!


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