Ferry from Barcelona to Italy

Get a unique experience starting with a ferry from Barcelona to Italy and combine the charm of the Spanish capital with the most popular ports in Mediterranean!

The beauty of Barcelona lies in its contrasts scattered everywhere! The port of Barcelona is very close to the city center. In addition, it is the oldest port in Spain and also one of the most important and largest ports in Europe. All year round, a massive number of tourists travel from Barcelona's immense port to major Italian ports such as Genoa, Civitavecchia, Livorno, Sardinia, Savona and others. Several departures throughout the day give you the opportunity to choose the one that will offer you the greatest pleasure of traveling in Italy, a European country with a long Mediterranean coastline, rich history, incredible nature and uniqueness.

Ferry schedules from Barcelona to Italy and frequency

There are many ferry schedules from Barcelona to Italy with high frequency all year round with calls at the following main ports:

  • Barcelona to Genoa: Almost 3 crossings per week with journey duration 21hours and 40 minutes
  • Barcelona to Civitavecchia: There are 6 weekly ferry crossings with duration 21 hours
  • Barcelona to Livorno: One crossing per week with journey duration 20hours and 30 minutes
  • Barcelona to Porto Torres (Sardinia): In low season there are 2 crossings per week while in high season the crossings are increased to 5 per week. The duration of the journey lasts 12 hours and 30 minutes
  • Barcelona to Savona: There is one crossing per week with duration of journey 20hours

Sailing distance from Barcelona to Italian ports

The sailing distance from Barcelona to:

  • The port of Genoa is almost 360 nautical miles (579 km)
  • The port of Civitavecchia, 516 nautical miles (830 km)
  • The port of Livorno, 419 nautical miles (674 km)
  • Porto Torres, approximately 300 nautical miles (482 km)
  • The port of Savona, 336 nautical miles (540 km)

Ferry types from Barcelona to Italy

The route from Barcelona to Italy is served by large conventional cruise ships with onboard amenities and various accommodation options, so you can have a unique experience while enjoying the endless sea and the blue sky above you!

Useful tips for your journey from Barcelona to Italy

Map of Ferry Port of Barcelona in Spain

Ferry Port Barcelona

  • World Trade Center
  • Barcelona Wharf, 080 39 Barcelona, Spain
  • Tel.: +34 902 222 858
  • GPS: 41.372334, 2.179987
Map of Ferry Port of Genoa in Italy

Ferry Port Genoa

  • 1, Ponte Dei Mille, 161 26 Genoa, Italy
  • Tel.: +39 010 089 8300
  • GPS: 44.411753, 8.915592
Map of Ferry Port of Civitavecchia near Rome in Italy

Ferry Port Civitavecchia

  • E840, 000 53 Civitavecchia, Italy
  • Tel.: +49 076 636 6201
  • GPS: 42.099830, 11.783129
Map of Ferry Port of Livorno in Italy

Ferry Port Livorno

  • 1, Calata Sgarallino, 571 00 Livorno, Italy
  • Tel.: +39 058 624 9411
  • GPS: 43.551317, 10.301371