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When on board of the Turkish ferries there’s no need for rush any more as they are part of the journey, and your journey a further recreational part of your holidays. Embark a Turkish ferry to reach the destination of your choice, either another resort of the Turkish mainland or one of the many Greek islands situated near to the Turkish coast, and your voyage has already begun! Many Ferry Operators, either Greek or Turkish ones, depart many times daily to and from the Greek Archipelago, covering with their speed vessels (some of them transport also vehicles) relatively fast short distances on the Aegean Sea.

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Schedules & timetables

Unfortunately, there is no ferry route which connects Turkey with Italy or other destinations on the Mediterranean Sea. For more Information on how to travel from Italy to Turkey by ferry or other means of transportation, please, visit our web page Ferries to Turkey!

Nevertheless, the Turkish ferries schedules and timetables are quite well equipped and offer all year round many ferry routes for visiting the Greek islands, such as Kos, Rhodes, Chios and Mesta (Chios), Symi and Samos with its 3 ports Pythagorio, Karlovasi and Vathi.

In order to visit the Greek mainland from Turkey, you have to reach one of the before mentioned Greek islands and then travel further to the Greek mainland, such as Piraeus in Athens.

For more detailed information regarding all Turkish ferry schedules and timetables, please, use above booking engine.

Harbors & ports

Turkey is in the top 40 of the biggest countries worldwide. Accordingly long is its coastline that extends in the North (Black Sea), South (Mediterranean Sea) and West (Aegean Sea) of the country. Many, thus, are the Turkish ferries harbors and ports, as for example Bodrum, Cesme, Datca, Fethiye, Kusadasi, Marmaris, which are all facing the Aegean Sea and from where ferries depart daily to the Greek Archipelago.


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