Minoan Lines Accommodation

Check here all Minoan Lines accommodation options on board, compare cabins, seats and decks and book the choice of your convenience!

With Minoan Lines you get the following accommodation options:

  • The seats for the deck passage (economy deck) are spread on all decks of the respective Minoan Lines ferry and can be occupied freely (you have free choice of seats). The seats in the interior of the Minoan Lines ferry and close to the bar or cafeteria are more comfortable for they have the form of arm chairs. The outdoor seats though, for example on the Minoan Lines pool deck, are not that comfortable and thus not suitable for longer journeys because they are just plastic chairs. Nevertheless, passengers can take advantage of the outside facilities and relish a cool drink on the Minoan Lines sun deck while enjoying the beautiful blue sea. In the economy class passengers store their luggage in racks which are arranged in different areas of the Minoan Lines ferry and therefore the luggage may not be near the seat.
  • The reclining seats (aircraft type seats) are numbered Minoan Lines seats and passengers with an airline seat ticket are shown to those seats. The seats are located in separate lounges on board of the Minoan Lines ferry and the lounges are big enough to invite you for a short nap. All seats inside those Minoan Lines lounges are similar and passengers have also the choice to store their luggage in the designated racks near their seats. The Minoan Lines private lounges can be compared to a first class compartment in a train.
  • Business class or VIP seats are located in a separate Minoan Lines section with larger seats which are considered to be the most comfortable ones. Business class and/or VIP have their own bars and are restricted to passengers with Minoan Lines business class tickets.
  • Minoan Lines cabins provide passengers the convenience of traveling more comfortably to the Greek islands for a slightly higher price. You can choose between Minoan Lines 2-bed cabins and Minoan Lines 4-bed cabins. All Minoan Lines cabins are equipped with clean linen and towels, a separate bathroom and plenty of space to relax. Furthermore, it is possible to choose between a Minoan Lines outside cabin (window with sea view) and a Minoan Lines inside cabin (without window, suitable for passengers who get seasick for they are situated in a more central location of the vessel and are less susceptible to rocking). Finally, you have Minoan Lines deluxe cabins.

Regardless of the accommodation type you have booked, all Minoan Lines facilities are at your disposal during the entire journey - including restaurants, cafes, bars and WC's on deck of all ferry ships.

Minoan Lines Pet Policy

Passengers travelling with one or more pets can book online the following Minoan Lines options:

  • Minoan Lines pet cabins for a surcharge of 50 Euros per passage and pet. Availability of those cabins is limited and differs heavily from vessel to vessel deployed by Minoan Lines. Minoan Lines pet cabins meet the same standards with regular cabins the only difference being the absence of a carpet.
  • Minoan Lines pet kennels for a surcharge of 20 Euros per passage and pet on the roofed deck of the ferry ship.
  • Keep the pet in your own pet box or on a leash on the open deck during the entire Minoan Lines passage. In that case no additional Minoan Lines fees apply.

For those who prefer to travel with their campers on board it is possible to book the Minoan Lines Camping all Inclusive option!

Minoan Lines Luggage Allowance

Minoan Lines offer to all passengers designated on board luggage areas with no luggage restrictions and no surcharges.

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