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Ferry operators

Anek-Superfast Ferries have been cooperating since June 8, 2011 on the routes from Italy to Greece and from Piraeus to Crete. The cooperation of these two large shipping companies results in the...>>

Anek Lines was established on April 10, 1967 and has become a leader amongst the European shipping companies holding a state-of-the-art fleet. That what sets Anek Ferries apart is the quality, safety...>>

Superfast Ferries have been offering their customers quality services since 1995. In addition, all ships of their fleet provide exceptional entertainment which makes the journey a unique experience for...>>

Minoan Lines has been a leading Greek maritime company for 43 years (since 1972), featuring an ultra-modern fleet. Minoan Ferries is characterized by its guaranteed quality, exemplary safety...>>

Grimaldi Lines is a shipping company with a very long tradition dating back to 1348. In the meanwhile the Grimaldi Lines “tradition” has been completely modernised and aims to the highest standards...>>

Grandi Navi Veloci is a modern shipping company, which was established in the year 1992. The Grandi Navi Veloci fleet meets the highest standards and provides passengers advanced service and...>>

Blue Star Ferries have become an “icon” in the Greek marine area and with their fleet they carry thousands of passengers every year. Blue Star Ferries are characterized by their high-quality service...>>

Aegean Speed Lines belong to the fastest growing shipping companies in the field since their foundation in 2005. With their speedboats Speedrunner II, Speedrunner III and Speedrunner IV, Aegean...>>

Hellenic Seaways has an active presence in the Greek seas since 1999. Hellenic Seaways is the largest Greek shipping company and operates 22 vessels (including conventional ferries and speedboats)...>>

Since its foundation in 1989 Seajets has been a high level services provider to the Greek shipping and possesses an ultra-modern fleet. Sea Jets is characterized by its active presence for all these years...>>

Cyclades Fast Ferries have continuously developed since 1989 and upgraded their fleet with new technologies. Cyclades Fast Ferries are characterized by the impressive development of their knowledge...>>

Nel Lines (Nautiliaki Etaireia Lesbou: shipping company of Lesbos) has been serving with its modern fleet the Greek community and millions of tourists visiting Greece for 35 years. All conventional...>>

Dodekanisos Seaways have been operating their fleet in Greek waters since 1999. Dodekanisos Seaways is characterized by their strong commitment to the needs of modern travelers and the development...>>


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